At Playful Paws, we offer educational daycare. We are not simply a "DOGS GONE WILD" facility. With a great staff to dog ratio and structured days that include, obedience and confidence building exercises, gate manners, leash walking and some mild behaviour modification. We offer structured playtime, rest time and consistent learning.

When attending school with us your dog will experience the freedom to develop their own friendships, personality, and play style. All while closely being monitored by our pet first aid trained, reiki certified, canine educated staff. They will continuously be communicated with and given affection and correction as seen fit.

Having full access to our all natural outdoor play area, your dog is sure to enjoy the fresh air of all the seasons. Or romping in our indoor heated/air conditioned classroom to keep your dogs comfortable, happy and content with our veterinarian manufactured and approved flooring.

Much like children’s daycare your dogs need quiet time as well. During the day your dog will be given one nap, during which time they can have a special snack or just a break. Naps will be given in accordance to their age, comfort level and play styles.

We welcome you to check in on your “kids” on our Facebook page or by phone.

Requirements -
Because of this, we ask that all Daycare attendees first join us for a free socialization / behavior assessment for a minimum of three (3) hours at the daycare and have the following vaccinations / health records:

Rabies, 1- 3 year vaccine

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) 1 year vaccine

Distemper, 1-3 year vaccine

Parvo, 1-3 year vaccine

We also strongly encourage not over vaccinating your pets. Therefore we accept and encourage titer testing. Ask your vet about titer testing on your next visit!

Please visit Vaccine Requirements page for more information.


Packages also available in Half or Full Day increments. KINDLY NOTE: There are NO refunds on packages.

*Prices do not include applicable taxes
** We do Half Days up to 5 hours