We welcome working with all breeds, sizes and temperaments.  The Playful Paws team considers ourselves to be positive re-enforcement trainers with a balanced approach to maintain a level of respect, boundaries and corrections.

Dogs learn through consistency and are continuously learning throughout their lives. We welcome you to join us one on one, or in one of our classes so that we can help you meet all of your training needs.  All dogs and parents go home with homework.

Please browse the various training options we have.  All class attendees require a completed Registration Form, Consent form and proof of vaccines (distemper, parvo, rabies & bordatella).  A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required when registering for classes.

Puppy Socialization

Let’s get together and jump start your puppy’s training.  In this seven (7) week course we offer you the skills required to train your puppy.  With a maximum of ten (10) students with two (2) instructors, our focus will be socialization, confidence, learning their names, focus, nail clipping and grooming.  We will use a variety of equipment to help your puppy learn how to listen.

We welcome all breeds and sizes from age ten (10) weeks to five (5) months old.

Obedience Level 1

You’ve got by pottie training, and mastered their names, now what?  Seven (7) weeks of Obedience will help you train your dog to listen, come, sit, down, stay and go to their mat.  We accept a maximum of eight (8) students and have two (2) instructors.

Welcoming all breeds and sizes from age six (6) months to “senior”

Obedience Level 2

Now that you have mastered your skills in our facility and your home, we want to take you to the next level.  Obedience Level 2 is a real world class, held over four (4) weeks, in four (4) different locations.  Learn how to add distance to your stays, how to deal with real life distractions, and how to transfer your dogs recall to out in public.  If you have taken Obedience elsewhere we can still help. Maximum of four (4) students with two (2) instructors.

All dogs over seven (7) months welcome.

Confidence Level 1

Designed by Playful Paws trainers to help the shy, or reactive dog.  If your dog lunges, or hides from other dogs, has issues with new items, or even people entering your home we can help.  Our Confidence class is designed to build you and your dogs bond as well as make them overcome fear and anxiety.  Using tools, equipment, and methods from police dogs training, search and rescue, and dog sports.

For all ages, sizes and breeds

Confidence Level 2

Don’t stand for being the midnight dog walker anymore.  You have all the skills you need from level 1, but want more.  We join you over the course of four (4) weeks, in four (4) different locations that increase is difficulty.  We will show you how to transfer your skills from level 1 to real life, real world situations.  A maximum of four (4) students with two (2) instructors.

For all ages, sizes and breeds.

Training Assessment

If you are unsure what training you and your dog need we will help you.  Come to the facility for a booked appointment time with your dog to join us in our training room for 45 minutes to an hour.  We will determine if there is a need for a class, daycare or if private lessons would be better suited for you.

Tutoring – Private Lessons

Playful Paws offers private lessons on site, in your home or in a location of your choice.  Perhaps your scheduling doesn’t allow you to register for a class, or you prefer to customize the training to you and your dog.

*Prices do not include applicable taxes