We believe no dog is a bad dog by choice. Some dogs are just misunderstood. All dogs require structure in their lives, and need a balance of mental, physical, and emotional stimulation.  If you have always wanted to send your dog to daycare, but do not feel they would benefit or be accepted, we want to help.

Lunging and Barking at other dogs? Biting? Resource guarding? Aggression? Nervous or timid? Overly shy? Never had a doggy friend? We would like to work with your dog on a one on one basis to help you create a well balanced dog. We use a variety of tools including positive reinforcement, corrections, umbilical cord, and confidence building to help you get the results you want. Using the right tool for the job is imperative to achieving results. We address serious issues and work with you to understand how to create a balanced lifestyle where your dog can co-exist.

This unique to us program has two levels to ensure your dog is consistently getting what they need.

Level 1 – The entry level to the Specialized program.  This level assigns a trainer to work with your dog one on one in and out of the group to allow immediate reinforcement or corrections to be delivered to your dog as it is needed.  This makes the learning process of what is and is not acceptable go much faster.  Depending on the dog, the attendee may or may not be on leash or in muzzle.  Level 1 is half day attendance only.  Level 1 training begins at 10:00am Monday – Thursday only.

Level 2 – When your dog is able to fully understand the rules of the group, and can function in the main daycare off leash you will be graduated to Level 2.  In this level your dog will be given more time within the group and have the opportunity to experience all play styles and dogs.  Daycare handlers will monitor your level 2 dog and ensure they receive communication and breaks as needed.  Level 2 dogs may or may not be in muzzle and can attend for full day visits Monday – Thursday.


Packages also available in Half or Full Day increments.

*Prices do not include applicable taxes
** Half Days up to 5 hours