Playful Pup of the Week

Meet Banjo K, Playful Pup of the Week

By Playful Paws | January 26, 2020

His nicknames are: Ban, Jack, Ban the Man, Joe Cole  He loves: Beef liver treats, his lamb chop stuffie and stealing socks to toss around, going to the beach with his sister Twig & his friends. His favourite people: All the girls at Playful Paws, grandparents, mom and dad and his best friend Devan Banjo…

Meet Cali K, Playful Pup of the Week

By Playful Paws | January 19, 2020

What are your dogs nick names?Bubs, Bubbas, Baby one, Cow Cow, Stinkins, Piglet, Cali girl, Cinnamon Donut and of course HOUSE HIPPO!  What does your dog do that super cute?Those butt wiggles when she’s happy and excited, and when she rests her little baby chin on her paws.   What does your dog love?Leafy greens,…

Meet Bo and Wyatt, Playful Pups of the Week

By Playful Paws | January 12, 2020

BoBo and WyWy / bubby, peaches, babies  Bo and Wyatt both tilt their heads to the extreme! They also cry very loud when they are excited to see someone! We love their cry’s, kisses, and snuggles. Bo and Wyatt love treats, tearing any sort of paper item into a million pieces, being the neighbourhood watch…

Meet Amber, Playful Pup of the Week

By Playful Paws | January 6, 2020

Nickname;We usually call her amber as she’s still learning her name, but she gets called Ambie Bambi a lot.  Super cute;The cutest thing she does is that she loves to give hugs, she puts her arms around your neck and snuggles in when she’s comfortable with you.  Things she loves;Food! Any treats, but especially pumpkin…

Meet Riley S, Playful Pup of the Week

By Playful Paws | December 29, 2019

Riley’s nicknames include Wiggle Bum, Mr. Man, and Arsie (have you see how cute his back end looks when he’s happy?!) Riley can be in complete daycare coma land at night (snoring included) and if you quietly ask him if he’d like to go for a “stroll for his soul,” he’s up, at attention, wiggling,…

Meet Nova D, Playful Pup of the Week

By Playful Paws | December 22, 2019

Nova’s nicknames are Honey (Hon-eeeee), Nova Balogna, Tuffy Tuff She is so cute when she Puppy scoots and acts tough LOL Nova loovveessss Disky, Bally, Pooly, Walkies, Mommy and Dadee and Brudder Her favs are Mommy Dadee and Brudder She doesn’t like Random Strangers. No rhyme or reason. Also a Border Collie on her nana’s…

Meet Nova O, Playful Pup of the Week

By Playful Paws | December 15, 2019

Miss Nova’s nicknames are Nova Nov, Nova 0 (which she got from daycare and it stuck), Puppy Girl, and Puppers.  Nova puts herself to bed at night around 930pm. Quietly gets up and slowly goes up the stairs to her bed!  When she is impatiently waiting for her walk (when we are later than normal)…

Meet Obi P, Playful Pup of the Week

By Playful Paws | December 8, 2019

Nicknames: Big O, Obes, Noodleface, potato and fingertoes What does Obi do that’s super cute: he LOVES to snuggle and always wants to sleep under the blankets. If he falls out from under the covers he nudges me until I lift them up so he can go back under.. he also howls with sirens when…

Meet Octavius, Playful Pup of the Week

By Playful Paws | December 1, 2019

Octavius, doesn’t really have a nick name, I sometimes call him pooper or Tav but more often it’s Octavius.  The thing I think is super cute is octavius loves hugs he will hug you back!  He will also bring you his leash if you’re late for walk time.  Octavius loves sticks balls and peanut butter…

Meet Zoey R, Playful Pup of the Week

By Playful Paws | November 24, 2019

Zoey’s nicknames are Zo Zo, and Zoey-Ba-Bowie. She dislike’s it when she is tired. She will grab her stuff bunny and sleep on your lap or tuck herself into bed. Zo looooveess Food, Zoey loves her treats! Her mama and papa and Zoey’s favourite people. She hates the vacuum and push mower.