Meet Our Team



Animal Sciences, Humane Animal Treatment, Pet First Aid, Masters in Canine Reiki, Certified Animal Communication, & Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP)

Heather has known she wanted to work in the animal community from a very young age. Her love began with dressing her childhood dogs in her doll clothes, then entering the job force at the age of 15, working at a boarding facility, and quickly moving onto learning to train and compete in dog sports.

With over our 20 years’ background in working with dogs she brings a down to earth, edgy feel to your canine experience. Heather is always looking to add to her qualifications in order to keep up to date, informed and helpful in this industry. Heather has her degree in Animal Sciences, certified in Humane Animal Treatment, Pet First Aid, has her Canine Reiki Master’s certification, and is certified in Animal Communication.

Heather is a fur-mama to four beautiful dogs, and three cats. Dugan, a border collie/aussie mix is the mastermind behind the Specialized Daycare and Confidence Classes – When she says she understands, she does. Luna, a flat coated retriever, is her “foster fail” from Marley’s Hope Dog Rescue, Marvin, a husky/shepherd mix fill of energy and drive, and Gracie, the youngest and border collie rescue that has stolen her heart, and her three cats, Jacob, Bella, and Metro are also all rescues.

When not working, playing with, or training dogs, Heather drastically enjoys travelling and has spent many years enjoying different dog sports such as Flyball. Disc Dog, Agility, and Herding.



Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP), Pet First Aid, and Canine Reiki Certified

Katie has been with Playful Paws Playful Paws Doggy Daycare and Training Facility since the beginning, joining Heather in teaching classes in 2010, Katie quickly molded into the family. As an already trained daycare handler, Katie chose to join Playful Paws on this adventure and bring her knowledge, passionate personality, and experience with her.

Katie has completed her pet first aid with St. John ambulance, and is Canine Reiki certified. Katie has completed obedience and flyball classes with her dog Diesel, who frequently joins us at daycare. She also owns Obie, a fun-loving mix she rescued in 2016, and Casper, another rescue who stole her heart with his love for life!

At Playful Paws Katie is the daycare manager ensuring everyone safe and fun filled days.  In addition, she is the lead trainer in our Specialized program. Since 2014 Katie has led well over 40 dogs to being able to attend regular daycare services while acting appropriately, with confidence and having fun. Katie also assists with all Playful Paws classes.

When she’s not at work she’s typically found adventuring with friends and their fur babies.



Certified Veterinary Assistant, Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP), Pet First Aid, and Canine Reiki Certified

Jordan joined the Playful Paws Doggy Daycare and Training Facility team in July 2015 as a daycare handler. Jordan has always had a love for animals, with a definite passion for dogs.

Jordan attended DaVinci College and was Veterinary Assistant certified in 2015. Adding to her Pet first aid and Canine Reiki certifications. Jordan is a dog mom to a Husky mix named Monty, who just may love daycare and the daycare dogs just as much as she does.  At Playful Paws, Jordan is their social media expert tying in her love of computers with her love of dogs.

Lisa 2_1


Certified in Safety & Cleaning, Certified in Dog Behavior, Certified in Grooming, Certified Play Yard Management, Pet First Aid & CPR, and Canine Reiki Certified

Lisa has always been a huge animal lover, owning multiple dogs, cats, rats, mice, gerbils, and pigeons throughout her life. Having started her first job at the age of 16 in a kennel, she felt as though she had discovered Heaven.

Over the years of growing up and testing out other fields she never felt quiet herself when she wasn’t working closely with animals. At age 25, she found her passion and love for horse but still knew she needed to join forces with her true calling of working with dogs. Through this journey she has learned that a dogs love and devotion is unswaying and that the canine society is exceptionally loyal.

Entering the daycare field in 2009, Lisa has achieved multiple certificates. Bringing with her the Certification in Safety & Cleaning, Dog Behavior, Grooming, Play Yard Management, Pet First Aid, & CPR to the Playful Paws Doggy Daycare and Training Facility family. Since joining the family she has added her Canine Reiki Certificate.

At Playful Paws, Lisa leads dogs in crazy plays, wrestles, and pool parties.  Lisa is always making sure the dogs are smiling, happy and loved.

When not working, you will most likely find Lisa taking time to stop and smell the flowers, hiking her dogs, and enjoying all the love and beauty the world has to offer her with her family.

Randi (1)


Certified Veterinary Hospital Assistant, Pet First Aid, and Canine Reiki Certified

Randi spent most of her childhood growing up around family dogs, and followed this passion for mans best friend, centering her education around them. This devotion followed her as she attended DaVinci College to obtain a diploma in Veterinary Hospital Assistant.

Randi was a dedicated student and passed with flying colors. While in school she made a clear connection with her highest achievements in animal behavior and training. Randi is always willing to further her canine education, receiving her Canine Reiki Certificate, and is Pet First Aid certified.

In 2010 Randi joined the field of dog daycare and has yet to look back. Working with numerous rescues, fosters and helping many dogs with behavioral issues.

In June 2016 Randi joined the Playful Paws family, allowing her to work with more of these dogs, and assisting us in finding ways to help them succeed and have fun. Randi is a down to earth, fun loving person who you may very well find hiking her dogs in the woods or rescuing injured wildlife.

At Playful Paws she is the handler that will guide your dog to enjoy play, or help them learn to fit in or come out of their shell.



Daycare Handler

Laura is the newest member of the team but was made for the dog world.

She entered the dog world just over a year ago when she got her own bouncing beauty, Doodle, Parker. 

After clearly showing an interest and passion in dog training while taking various Playful Paws classes.  Laura is very keen to learn new things and is always watching the dogs to see what they can teach her. Laura went to university and has her degree in occupational health and safety but quickly realized the dog world was where she was meant to be. 

While Laura is a shy member of our team, she brings great drive, compassion and balance to an already amazing team. When not at work you will find Laura walking Parker at local parks or taking nice long hikes.



Daycare Handler

Julia has always had a love of dogs, and was always surrounded by them at home growing up.

She always knew she wanted to work with dogs, and in 2010 she started working in the dog daycare field and hasn't regretted it once.

Julia also is a certified Groomer, and has her Pet First Aid. Julia loves getting to know each new dog she meets, and what their quirks are. She loves seeing the more timid pups warm up and find friends, and of course, nothing beats cuddling dogs professionally!