Meet Zoe, Playful Pup of the Week

What are your dogs nick names? Zozo, Zobo, Booger and Dum Dum

What does your dog do that super cute? Zoë has some serious head tilt action and some weird sleeping positions that don’t look comfortable but sure look cute! She also just lays her snoot on the bed, couch, chair to let you know she would like you to get up!

What does your dog love? She LOVES to swim and fetch. If those were the only things she did for the rest of her life, she’d be fine! And snow… she can’t get enough snow. A good long walk in the sun can’t be beat and lazing in the yard with a stick to chew is a pretty great way to spend an afternoon!

Who are your dogs favorite people? Her favourite humans are Marc, Courtney and ‘Ma’ (Laura). If they’re all out hiking or camping together, she is very antsy if anyone leaves until all her people are back together! She loves her humans at daycare too – though we’re working on her not jumping on Jordan 🙂 Her favourite pups are at Playful Paws and she loves getting to have sleepovers with Monty!

What does your dog dislike? There isn’t anything she dislikes too strongly, she even loves getting vacuumed! She doesn’t enjoy getting a bath and her ears cleaned, but with enough treats, anything is bearable!

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