Meet Winnie, Playful Pup of the Week

Nicknames: Technically, her full name is Winnifred Winona so Winnie itself is already a nickname! She also goes by Win Win, Skinny Winnie, and Winnie Goodwin among others 

Even though she is big she thinks she’s a lap dog and will sit on our lap on the couch (or try her best anyway)

Winnie loves her pink ball and playing “catch” in the backyard, her Monday mornings at Playful Paws, treats (especially frozen pumpkin), and when her Gran comes to visit her at lunch time.

Her favorite people are us (Simon and Catherine aka her Mom and Dad), her Gran and Gramps, her dog sitter Sydney and of course all of you at Playful Paws!

Winnie doesn’t like getting her paws wiped after a rainy walk, she also doesn’t like it when her cat brother Kato gets more attention than her (but she does love Kato himself), and she doesn’t like it when strangers come to the door!

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