Meet Willa and Hazel, Playful Pups of the Week

Her nicknames are Willy, silly Willy, Willy wonka, Wilfred, Bunny

She loves to give her paw for someone to hold. Sleeps beside her sisters bed to comfort her. Smiles when you say good girl. 

Belly rubs, hikes, banana, her green and purple ball, her sister, Post

Mom and dad, her dog walker, her babysitters, pretty much everyone. 

She dislikes Mushrooms, hot weather.

Hazel’s nicknames are Haze, Hazey, lazy hazey, the baby, crazy hazey.

She sleeps on her sisters back. Runs full force into anything and bounces
off everything.

All her sister’s toys, naps, mushrooms, blueberries, John Mayer, car rides,

She loves every single person she meets. Willa. 

She dislikes it when her sister tackles her, being alone, rain, windshield wipers.

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