Meet Stella, Playful Pup of the Week

What are your dogs nick names? Stella Bean, Beaner, Peanut, Nugget 

What does your dog do that super cute? She LOVES to snuggle (especially under the blankets and on the pillow), when she bounces around outside like tigger, when she sleeps on her back and snores (like a human) and when she gets off anything above ground level and stretches her back
legs out straight behind her and drags them until they are on the ground 

What does your dog love? Doritos are her guilty pleasure, she LOVES going “to see her friends” (gets a head tilt every time!)at daycare and to give smooches (but it has to be ON THE LIPS lol)

Who are your dogs favorite people? Her mom’s, human brother and kitty siblings (and her daycare mom’s of course )

What does your dog dis like? The broom, vacuum, being wet, having baths, going for drives and being along (she is a little co-dependent).

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