Meet Scout, Playful Pup of the Week

Scout has a whole bunch of nicknames, but the main ones are Scoot, Scoot Boot, and Baby Scout (she never grew out of her puppy personality!)

One cure thing Scout does is a little dance/trot when she carries a stick around like she’s on top of cloud nine. She also loves to try and play with our cats, and is very gentle with them and will let them run the show. She’ll even let them eat her food right out of her bowl without growling!

Her favourite thing is to be outside: swimming, playing in the snow, digging in the dirt, and running through the woods. She also loves being clean after a bath (but is not a huge fan of the bath itself).

Scout loves pretty much everyone, but her favourite people are probably are old neighbours’ daughter Lola, and our other neighbour Gwen.

Her dislikes are getting her nails trimmed (but she’ll suffer through it for treats) and when the cats try to steal her spot on her bed/the couch.

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