Meet Reggie, Playful Pup of the Week

Hi, I am Reggie, the bernedoodle.  I also answer to “Bonehead” and “Reggie-Doodle.”

I have overcome much in my short 2 1/2 years after numerous seizures and temporary blindness. 

Thanks to my Mom and Dad and all the folks (especially Lisa) at Playful Paws, I have relearned how to play and enjoy life again.  

I love treats, cuddles and my favourite toy is a ball. 

I dislike having to go out in the rain to do my business. I love my family, especially our new baby, Eric; although I’m not sure he feels the same, as he sometimes cries when I lick his face. 

My best doggy friend is Pippin and of course Olivia and Chewie at Playful Paws.

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