Miss Nova’s nicknames are Nova Nov, Nova 0 (which she got from daycare and it stuck), Puppy Girl, and Puppers. 

Nova puts herself to bed at night around 930pm. Quietly gets up and slowly goes up the stairs to her bed! 

When she is impatiently waiting for her walk (when we are later than normal) she will stand on your legs and chest giving a hint like it’s time to go (super cute to watch on someone else but she’s 74 pounds so it can get uncomfortable on you lol). 

When we leave for work in the morning she gets her snacks on the windowsill and beside her toys. She won’t touch them until i say go have your snacks, I’m going to work! 

Nov loves When you say in the morning “do you want to go see the girls?” — meaning daycare! 

She loves running in the woods and swimming at Shubie. 

And loves her favorite snacks! 

Snuggling between mom and dad in the morning giving out a million kisses (it’s probably close to that number, no lie!) 

Her favourite people are her Mom and Dad…Nova is never too far from her parents. Likes everyone but needs to be close to home. 

She would rather not be left at the groomers. Is super adorable when she gets out — they give her a bow!! Worst 2 hours of her life! Also dislikes when there’s no additional goody bits added to her bland food. 

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