Meet Morley, Playful Pup of the Week

Morley aka Miss Mo, Mama Mo, Big Mo, Nosey Mosey. 

Mama Mo loves to try and catch the splashes in the water at the beach or in the lake and makes a high squeaking sound of delight while she is trying. 

Morley also loves company, romping on the beach , seeing all her pals at playful paws ( especially Bear ) eating all fruits and vegetables especially cucumber and playing with the hose , but at night there’s nothing more she likes than snuggling with all her stuffed toys affectionately known as her Babies ( especially the one that looks like Bear ) 

She loves her Mama and Papa , and doesn’t like it if one of us are not at home but when we are not around she just loves everyone she is a very loving girl and if there’s treats to be had well then that person is going to get all of her attention, and of her drool ! 

Morley pretty much loves being the center of attention and is none to happy if she is not, she would also prefer to not have the noise of tucks or boats disturbing her peace , she will bark if passers by are being to noisy.

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