Meet Maddox, Playful Pup of the Week

Maddox’s nick names – Buddy, Handsome boy. 

Super cute – Snores, his ‘lean’, his high pitch bark when he is excited, endless rolling in the snow, and he is super cuddly with his dog ‘cousin’ Lucy who was rescued at the same time as Maddox was.

What does Maddox love – treats, belly rubs, the car, frozen blueberries, chasing raccoons, snow, and DAYCARE!!!

Favorite people – his mama #1 and his grandpa (Grumpy). Grumpy walks him every day :). Really though he loves his other mama and his sister so much too. He just loves people….he is a terrible guard dog cause he love people so much. 

What does he dislike – bath time and rainy days, and when we have to go out without him.

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