Meet Macha, Playful Pup of the Week

Meet Macha:  Macha aka “Macha Latte”, “Sweet Latte”, “Machy”, loves a good cuddle with her people and fur friend Dez. Macha also loves to run up to her people with her tail going a 100 miles per hour, leaning against you looking for butt rub.

Her favourite things in the world include: treats, chasing leaves, partying at daycare, and being chased by her fur friends & family Marley, Dez, Diva, Justus, Nuna, Sage and Jewell. She also likes to “bop”, her people when we are looking the other way. This is when Macha will go up on her 2 legs like a giant 41 pound bear and give us a push to say “hey I’m right here!”

Her favourite people are her Mom & Dad, all of her family (she has a lot of extended aunties and uncles) – she also LOVES all of her daycare peeps!

Macha isn’t the biggest fan of being woken up from her deep sleeps! She will give us a sigh or huff and say “fine, let’s go then”! Also, on the tale end of her walks, when she knows we are close to home, she will give us a “bop” or a little leash chew to say: “hey, maybe another 30 minutes please?!”.

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