Meet Luna, Playful Pup of the Week

What are your dogs nick names?
Wigglebum, LoonieToon, Tuna Fish, Sweet Girl, Lune, Luna Girl 

What does your dog do that super cute?
Every morning when we wake up,I say “good morningggg!!” And she crawls up toward my pillows and stretches her front paws out as far as she can, sneezes and then spoons me 😉 it’s the absolute best. 

What does your dog love?
My LoonieToon loves her raw marrow bones and long off leash walks, hanging out with her sister Goose and of course morning snuggles with mom. 

Who are your dogs favorite people?
Colin. Hands down. I sometimes feel personally victimized lol (my close friend and co worker) that is Luna’s boyfriend, I can’t say his name without her freaking out, she absolutely loves him. She also loves  her secondary group of humans after Colin… lol Auntie Ceilidh, Auntie K2 and of course her mom and dad and her grandparents.

What does your dog dis like? 
Luna doesn’t like hard floors (tile, hardwood etc.) She had a bad fall when she was little so now she’s very hesitant. She also has a cerebellum deficiency that affects her back end so she didn’t have much control over her back legs.

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