Nicknames: does not really have any except maybe Lucks.

What Lucky does that’s cute: When I tell him it’s bedtime he barks, spins and jumps vertically 2-3 feet high at the door with a quick trip to the back yard before bedtime snack

He knows when we are getting dressed to  go out without him and goes to
wait at the treats cupboard for his goodbye “bribe”

Follows the granddaughters around in case of dropped food

He’s just generally cute!


  • Playing with his friends at Playful Paws,
  • Off leash walks
  • Cuddles
  • Morning play in bed
  • Will do almost anything for a treat

People he likes: Lisa and the other Playful Paws ladies, our kids and grand daughters, anyone who will cuddle.

Water, rain and baths Big, in his face dogs

Lucky is a Jack Russell/Britany mix adopted from NBRAN the US Britany rescue.

Lucky was found abandoned in a culvert in Ohio just before a bad winter storm that he probably would not have survived since he was already close to starvation – hence was named Lucky by his NBRAN foster.

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