What are your dogs nick names? Hectoroni Pupperoni, Boopy, The Boy, Heck, Heckum, Heckers, Ham Bone, Donkey 

What does your dog do that is super cute? Hector loves to play with toys while lying on his back on his bed, he rolls around and tries to grab at them with his mouth and front paws and it looks hilarious. He also has a thing for ears…and loves to give wet willies lol. 

What does your dog love?
Other dogs, all fruits and vegetables, cats and the beach

Who are your dogs favorite people?
Mom, Dad, Auntie Nan, Darcie, Barb, the girls at daycare and especially my niece Maggie…he absolutely adores his Maggie.

What does your dog dis like? 
New people, garbage at the end of the driveway, generally anything new he is VERY routine orientated.

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