Meet Hazel, Playful Pup of the Week

What are your dogs nick names?

Hazel has so many nicknames!  Haze, Hazey, Hazel Basil, Laroo, Schintzel. 

What does your dog do that super cute?

Hazel loves to snuggle.  She loves to be right next to her hoomans! Including sometimes sleeping under the blankets with her head on a pillow.  She may not know she’s a dog. 

What does your dog love?

She LOVES going to the local dog park (Off Leash East Hants).  She starts whining as soon as we pull in the driveway.  At the park, everyone seems to know Hazel.  She loves the park hoomans, as much as she loves the other dogs.  She’s know as the ‘walmart greeter’ of the park.  She hears the cars doors close before we can see the arriving dog, so she’s always first to the gate to greet the new dog!  

Hazel also loves going to the beach. She loves digging in the sand and getting her paws wet on the edge of the water, but she’s a tad unsure of the waves.  

Hazel also gets really fired up seeing deer eating apples in the backyard.  She gets her classic pointer point and then starts a maniac sprint from one end of the deck to the other. 

Who are your dogs favorite people?

Beside of course her mama, Hazels favorite hoomans, are her grandpawents.  Her grandpawpa, picks her up everyday (when she’s not spending the day with her favorite Playful Paws Aunties) and takes her home to spend the day with the grandpawents.  And we can’t forget her very special great grandpawpa (see photo), who she LOVES to visit, since he also LOVES her just as much!  Great grandpawpa is the supplier of many milk bones, a special treat from him since she only gets them when visiting him! 

What does your dog dislike?
Hazel doesn’t like the vacuum, the broom, the ironing board, or hearing the dishes being done.

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