Meet Hank, Playful Pup of The Week

Hank’s nicknames include: Hamburger Hank Burger, Burg, Buddy, Hankie 

Hank is super cute when he cuddles up on the couch with mom ( sometimes he thinks he’s a lap dog )

Hank LOVES treats and running in open spaces, he also love to go beach combing with Dalilah (his human sister)

Hank’s favourite people are mom, Dalilah, Dale, and Maggie.

Hank hates it when he’s in trouble…. buttttt likes chewing things he shouldn’t and he dislikes being alone 

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  1. Marcienne Mason on September 23, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    Hank – aka known as the rare breed of “Kanderdale” – part Kangaroo (he hops everywhere) – Deer – (startles to a state of immobility) – Clydesdale horse (heavy footed like no other!) …………. but we love him just the same!!! 🙂

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