Meet George, Playful Pup of the Week

Nicknames are G, Bean, Dude

Favorite things are daycare, sniffari walks, squeaky toys, walks on the beach and dips in the ocean, emptying the peanut butter jars, big snowbanks, running fast, any bed that isn’t his own, and his cats, Jesse and SpencerĀ šŸ˜‹Ā One of George’s favorite things is having a job to do. We learned a lot in the obedience class at Playful Paws and use many of these tools to keep George constantly engaged and “working”

  • Favourite people are the staff at Playful Paws, his parentsĀ  (especially dad), as well as his grandparents (so, everyone who will give him treats and attention).
  • There aren’t many things George doesn’t like but he doesn’t like fireworks, thunder, torrential rain, or cucumber. Despite his love of being IN the water, I don’t think George likes to swim. Hopefully someday!

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