What are your dogs nick names? 

 Bean, Schmean, Turkey-Butt

What does your dog do that super cute?

She is best friends with her little kitty sister, Clarke. They love to play together, watch birds and lay 

in the sun.

Frankie also loves to cuddle in bed under the covers (aka “submarining”)

She also gives the BEST kisses when she’s happy to see you

What does your dog love?

The list is long! Frankie loves a lot:

  • She loves to be “outdoor dog” and hang outside in her yard. She loves to find new sticks
  • Play with her ball and help dad in the garage (often where new sticks can be found).
  • Walks where she can explore and run free
  • Chewing her nylabone before bedtime
  • Frozen blueberries, ice cubes and salmon treats
  • Spending time with her favourite friends and family. Her bum will start to wiggle immediately! 

Who are your dogs favorite people?

She really loves her grandparents who will forever spoil her <3 Her best doggy friends are Charlie and her cousin Chase. 

What does your dog dis like?

Bathtime and/or any type of hose.

Deer in her yard 

When her humans interrupt her time as “outdoor dog” and make her come inside.

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