Meet Felix, Playful Pup of the Week

What are your dogs nick names? Felix’s nicknames include Mr. Doggo, Pupper, Donnie Doggo, Baber, and Fe.

What does your dog do that is super cute? The most cute thing he does is every morning, when we wake up, we release him from his crate and he comes and snuggles in bed with us under the blanket and as close to you as possible. He also listens to when you are talking to him and he will tilt his head to one side and then the other to show his attentiveness and is also adorable when he has the zoomies and darts around the house and yard.

What does your dog love? Felix loves sun bathing, playing with his toys (especially the Nerf Gun and Chuck It Ring outside), going on doggo adventures at Shubie Park, visiting his friends at Playful Paws and being with this favorite people.

Who are your dogs favorite people? His family is his pack, including Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, Memere & Pepere, Tante Shanny & Uncle Patty and Tante Ashley and Uncle Holden. 

What does your dog dislike? Felix LOVES going to the vet (so much so that I think he is accident prone just so that he can visit) but he HATES having his temperature taken! He also hates being cold and wet, therefore by extension winter and rain. Cleaning, in particular vacuuming, is his nemesis. Mornings and Mondays are not his favorite either.

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