Meet Chop, Playful Pup of the Week

Chops nicknames are Pork Chop, Choppy and Chopperton.

Everything that Chop does is super cute, but his little whimpers and those eyes will get him whatever he wants (and get him out of trouble)!

Chop loves playing with Asia and Annie (his cousins) and all his toys! He loves being at the cottage running around and trying to swim (even though he needs a life jacket!). Chop loves to cuddle, especially under the blankets. And of course, Chop loves going to daycare to play with all his Playful Paws friends.

Chops favourite people are his mama and dada and his nannies and grampies. He always wants to be around people and be  a sook to get all the attention!

Chop dislikes waking up in the morning and sharing the bed. He thinks the whole bed belongs to him! He also doesn’t like being home alone, he loves when people are around so he can get lots of cuddles and kisses.

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