Meet Anchor, Playful Pup of the Week

What are your dogs nick names?
Nugget & Spanker

What does your dog do that super cute?
When Anchor is very exciting he can’t wag his curly tail so he wiggles his whole butt and sometimes he will even baroo! A close second is when you pick him up and he wants down he bats his front legs like he is swimming in the air. 

What does your dog love?
Snuggles, cheese, meat, napping & sunbathing 

Who are your dogs favorite people?
Anchor favours his momma most of the time but likes his dad too. Other than them he loves both sets of grandparents, his auntie Beth, and any babies who’s feet he is allowed to lick especially his cousin Aoife’s. 

What does your dog dislike?
Water of any kind – except to drink. He hates rain, sprinklers, pools, lakes, and the ocean. 

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