Meet Ali, Playful Pup of the Week

What are your dogs nick names? Alli bear, the beast, pooky snoot, alli boo bum-bum (lisa’s nickname for her?), Al, beastlet, cute snoot.

What does your dog do that super cute?

She will bring toys to you and put them on your lap and wait for you to play with her.

When she wants something, she stands in front of you and watches you like you’re an idiot and then she tries to herd you to what she wants when you get up.

When playing fetch, she will not bring the ball back to you but will designate a spot to take it to and expects you to come and get it from that spot.

What does your dog love?

Alli loves any and all treats. She also loves her dog friends Parker, Frost and Gracie. Squirrels, cats and birds (they don’t necessarily love her back)

Who are your dogs favorite people? Andria, Fil and Laura (fairy dog mother)

What does your dog dis like?

Harnesses, baths, cows ( met one in PEI and didn’t like it)

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