Meet Ace, Playful Pup of the Week

Nick names : Baby Ace (at daycare) Mr pooper ,Mr moo moo,and bubby

What he does that’s super cute: he suckles on blankets and needs like a cat, also he has these episodes at least once a day but we call it “when he’s broken” but he will growl and roll around on the couch and make really weird noises and just freaks out and does the zoomies.

What he loves: he loved drink trays we have to take our coffee out or pop out before setting them down or he will grab it with the drinks still in them , he loves day care he screams and wines as soon as we hit the lights in Burnside. His little humans and digg holes for dad to fill 

His nanny’s and his daddy are his favorite people, I wish I could say me! 

He hates loud noises and people yelling he hates his collar but tolerates it for day care but all of that is understandable for what he went through as a pup. He won’t swim in water or walk in it but I’m hoping this summer since he is a little older he will give it one more shot !

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