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60 Thornhill Drive Unit 1 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (902) 464-7297

Chloe – Playful Pup of the Week

Meet Chloe aka Doodle Bug, Chlober, Miss Chloe, Chlo Chlo, freckle tongue

Chloe came from New Brunswick to make her home here in Nova Scotia with her mom and dad who love her so much. Mom and dad love when Chloe lays upside down with all paws in the air waiting for
her belly rubs.

Interests: agility class, all food!! Long walks

Her favorites: family friends Glenn and Cathy, Nana, and her best dog friend Sophie…Sophie may feel differently (LOL)

Chloe could live without.. rain, not getting belly rubs, lack of food on the floor.

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